Today's Shopping Hours 9AM - 8PM
Today's Shopping Hours 9AM - 8PM

ElectroVape Ltd and Liberty Vipes Laboratories Ltd is a group of companies located in Cyprus that import, produce, and sell electronic cigarettes (Vape) and refill e-liquids.

Since 2011 we have had five retail shops three of them are on franchise contract and a Laboratory for e-liquid production. We have developed throughout the years a complete structure of standards, procedures, and control methods to ensure we provide a great service, competitive prices, and professionalism to our customers. We seek to take in as much more feedback from all our customers so we can be better every day.

We are currently operate in retail Nicosia market , we strongly believe that nowadays with the expansion that electronic cigarette (Vape) has among traditional smokers and new vapers have an increase significantly that the demand for our products is growing every day. Among our products are the world-famous disposable cigarettes ElfBar as we are the sole distributor in Cyprus.

Liberty Vipes Laboratories has a complete structure of production line ready to deal with the demands of Cyprus and the European market in the E-cigarette field, more specifically at e-liquids flavours. Τhe laboratory has been designed under the supervision of specialists on HACCP and ISO standards and operated by well-trained staff. Has also had the necessary certificate to sell its recipe flavours in European Union the so-called TPD register license.

As we understand how important a work environment is for new members, we believe that the experience, professionalism, and brands that our companies represent can assist you in achieving growth in the fast-growing market of Vape.



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